Swan Hill Campus

Our Story

Our Swan Hill campus was launched in 2007, and we commissioned our first mission team from there in 2008. Since then, new trainees have taken up the challenge of discipleship and mission each year, with a growing impact across the region. Our community here also hosts many significant events, including open weeks and annual leadership camps for highschoolers each August.

Swan Hill took its name from the explorer, Major Mitchell, and the city also took his motto as it’s own: ‘With God’s help, we will excel’. Our dream is that, with God’s help, there will be many waves of young leaders equipped to excel in all of life and being ‘exported’ from Swan Hill. And that, like Swan Hill’s fruit, they will be sent all over Australia and the world.

Meet the Dean


I grew up on the beaches of sport-mad Newcastle where I also trained as a primary school teacher. Whilst teaching in far west New South Wales, I met an interesting group of Christians my own age with a far more robust faith than my own.

This was a Cornerstone Community mission household: half a dozen of God’s people discovering what it is to be genuine disciples of Jesus and how to co-operate with God’s purposes in this world where they lived. I was inspired to re-discover God and made a move to be trained as a disciple of Jesus at Cornerstone Community in Bourke. After twenty years of teaching, discipling and mission with Cornerstone Community in Bourke and Dubbo, my wife and our family joined the training campus at Swan Hill to lead a committed team in winning, training and mobilising genuine disciples of Jesus.

I’ve discovered that Jesus’ gospel message is relevant for Australians but they often need to see that it works before they’ll hear the truth of it. My vision is to lead a missional community of ordinary people living spectacular lives with the developing ability to provide God’s meaning for those seeking truth. If you want to embrace Jesus’ invitation to ‘come follow me’ and God’s calling to be His missionary people, then get in touch with us!