Mission Teams

Our teams have worked in Australian towns, cities and college campuses for more than 30 years. Including long-term Cornerstone members, Diploma students and graduates, the teams are part of our ‘front line’, serving alongside local Christian and community groups, reaching out through incarnational, whole-of-life involvement in the wider community.

Supporting themselves through part-time work, the teams build bridges with people who are not connected with the local churches. Through involvement in neighbourhoods, workplaces, schools, youth groups and local clubs, they seek to serve the community and express the revelation and presence of God in relevant, compelling ways.

And it is working!

Lives are changed when people see a whole-of-life approach to following Jesus in action.

If you would like to become part of an effective mission team, you can!

Come to Cornerstone, be trained and join with a ‘band of brothers’ in an adventurous mission, serving others , learning together, taking faith-risks and growing in fruitfulness.