our story

Bendigo came into being when the land that had recently been opened up to grazing, was discovered to be rich beyond imagination with alluvial gold sitting just under the soil. We hope the town's beginnings are a small reflection of the life of our committed company – maybe not much to catch the eye on the outside, but a rich source of true goodness, love and life to anyone who scratched below the surface.

The Bendigo Committed Company began with 3 families moving into the suburb of Quarry Hill in January 2008, renting homes within a few hundred metres of each other, centred around the local primary school, and near to the university. We share life and resources together, working part-time in our trades and professions. We share a community garden and a commitment to being present in our neighbourhood in meaningful ways. Hospitality and shared meals are characteristic of our community. By simply building friendships, following the organic networks of relationships that form around us, and seeking to be a positive presence, we have increasingly found ourselves as a hub for our community of neighbours work colleagues, school families and various other friendships that have arisen through the particular shape of each of our lives. The events we organise – whether they be youth groups, craft groups, mothers groups, community garden times, live music nights, or our regular gatherings for follower's of Jesus – are now simply the contexts in which our different relationships are grown, deepened and extended.

In it all, Jesus is enriching the life of the local neighbourhood, and the world is a little more like He intended it to be, even if some don't initially recognise him. Along the way, many are re-evaluating their ideas of God, Jesus, life and faith, with some deciding to walk closer to Jesus themselves.