Cornerstone Network

We recognise the many people with a heart for God's Kingdom – both those who've been with Cornerstone and those who haven't – who have enriched us. Some of these people may want to be part of the Network. It is an opportunity for them to help us and for us to help them.

The Network could be for you if you:

• Recognise, as we do, our own spiritual poverty and that Christian commitment in a secular society is costly and difficult.

• Want to take God's Kingdom seriously and continue growing and bearing fruit

• Welcome encouragement in this from people in a Cornerstone community.

• Are looking for something of substance, but also appreciate freedom and flexibility in your involvement.

Joining the Network (and renewing commitment annually):

• Since being part of the Network is relational, there is no application form.

• If you are interested in joining, you can approach a member of Cornerstone (or be invited) who is willing to 'accompany' you in your journey as part of the Network.

• Your accompanying member helps you have a conversation with the leader of the Cornerstone community you'd like to connect with. Together you work out whether to go ahead, and the specifics of how it will look.

• Once you are part of the network, you have another conversation with the leader (of the Cornerstone community you're connected with) each year to either renew or discontinue network, and to make any adjustments.

Living as part of the Network has up, in and out dimensions:

‘Up’ has to do with relating to the Father; ‘in’ to relating with our Christian brothers and sisters; and ‘out’ to relating with people who are not yet Christians.

1. ‘UP’ involves:

• A commitment to practising spiritual disciplines most days – in order to go deeper with the Father (eg Bible reading, 15 mins silent reflection, prayer).

2. ‘IN’ involves:

• Having an OPEN AND HONEST TALK with a Cornerstone member you trust at least twice a year. This may involve deep fellowship, encouragement, coaching, challenge and prayer.

• Connecting with Cornerstone corporately at least once a year in a way that helps you reach your spiritual goals. For instance, bringing someone you’re mentoring to a muster or a study intensive or to join in at a first year campus for a few days.

3. ‘OUT’ involves:

• Consistently sharing your faith in your own way and taking part in some form of intentional discipling.

• Making at least one significant ongoing (or annual) contribution to Cornerstone’s mission, eg Being an advocate for making disciples and for Cornerstone as an option for discipleship with people in your circle of influence. Alternatively, you can offer a practical skill or a spiritual or financial gift, eg, building & maintenance, book keeping, pizza-making at Surrender, music, youth group leading, helping with an annual event like a muster, a study intensive or member’s conference, or praying consistently and seriously.

Of course, you may have better ideas than the examples listed above.