Our Mission

Men invent means and methods of coming at God's love, they learn rules and set up devices to remind them of that love… Yet it might be so simple. Is it not quicker and easier just to do our common business wholly for the love of him?

Brother Lawrence, 1600s

Our purpose is to help people develop a Christian worldview that makes sense of life, and a robust Christ-like character. We equip students to enjoy and communicate a genuine and practical faith in communities across Australia.

Our courses encourage a thorough examination of the original Christian story and its journey to the present day. Our communities and workplaces provide the perfect environment for asking questions, growing in character and skill, and putting our training into practice. We provide opportunities to regularly work along side teachers in mission in our local neighbourhoods. This holistic discipleship model grows a person that can walk with God while in the pumpkin field, leading youth group, or studying the Bible.

our Values

Obedience to, and dependence on, God
We value learning to listen to God and responding in the power of his Spirit.
All of life discipleship
We value rigorous learning, intentionally shaping every aspect of life around following Jesus and enabling others to do the same.
Missional community
We value living closely in interdependence, focused on God’s purposes and marked by love for others.
We value a generous yet simple lifestyle, both personally and structurally.
We value sharing real life with transparency, vulnerability and practical service.

OUR Mission

To be communities sent as authentic expressions of God’s life. These communities are shaped for others to join, to be formed in the likeness of Jesus and to participate in His mission.

Our Vision

We see redemptive communities of hope, deeply embedded in host communities.

These communities are interconnected, partnering and replicating.