As a Christian mission order, Cornerstone Community operates on the basis of shared commitment to the convictions and conduct fostered by the teaching and example of Jesus Christ and the apostles in the New Testament. All members of the community are called to embrace and express that commitment in their lives, including both teachers and participants in Cornerstone’s training courses.

Without being unduly restrictive, the following affirmations indicate the convictions and conduct foundational to our participation in Christian mission and discipleship.

Our convictions ...

We affirm that God has acted in the history of mankind to reveal to us truth about himself, his creation, ourselves and his purposes for us. This revelation is recorded in the Bible, which we accept as the inspired Word of God.

Submitting to the truth of this revelation, we seek to develop a genuine trust in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Master, to live following him and to centre our lives upon union with God, through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

We affirm that the Bible clearly fosters the following convictions:

  1. that the one true God who has existed eternally has made himself known to us through his revelation, and that within the mystery of his unity there are three distinct persons, revealed to us as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
  2. that Jesus the Christ is God the Son, so that during his life on earth he was the visible expression of the invisible God:
    • that he was nevertheless truly a human being and shared fully in all our experiences of temptation, except that he never sinned;
    • that through his death by crucifixion he made reconciliation with God possible by dying for our sins and for those of the rest of the world as well;
    • that he was resurrected to life in his body after he was killed;
    • that he ascended into the presence of God the Father forty days after his resurrection;
    • that he is now the only mediator between God and man and is able to save those who approach God through him;
    • that he will, according to his promise, return to this earth in power and glory in order to bring to its full realisation the kingdom of God.
  3. That the Holy Spirit was sent into the world in a special way on the day of Pentecost after the ascension of the Lord Jesus, and that his present work is to help us understand his truth, to show us our need of God, to bring us his salvation when we submit to Jesus as our Master, to empower us to live lives worthy of him, and to equip us to serve him.
  4. That the Church of the Lord Jesus the Christ consists of all those who have committed their lives to him as his disciples for their salvation;
    • that the Lord Jesus has ordained that such commitment is to be demonstrated by baptism in water as a sacrament that symbolizes our identification with him in his death, burial and resurrection;
    • that he also ordained the Lord's Supper as a regular memorial to be practiced in the Church whereby we remind ourselves and renew our appropriation of his death and resurrection as the only ground of our salvation.
  5. That the whole human race, without exception, is afflicted with sin so that everyone needs the salvation that only comes through the Lord Jesus Christ; and that there shall one day be a bodily resurrection of all the dead, each of whom will be judged by God, which will result in eternal gain for those who in this life submitted to him by embracing the gospel, and eternal loss for those who in this life rebelled against him and refused the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our conduct ...

We affirm the need to respond to the biblical revelation with a wholehearted allegiance to Jesus the Christ, living as His disciples and surrendering our lives to the service of His Kingdom. This means embracing a practical obedience to the teaching of Christ and His apostles, and training those we disciple to do likewise, by:

  1. developing a consistent personal relationship with the Heavenly Father; motivated by love, sustained in the atmosphere of worship, and characterised by a genuine pursuit of truth and holiness;
  2. responding with growing faith, hope and love to the common experiences, demands and difficulties of life;
  3. developing mature and appropriate relationships with others characterised by Christian love, integrity, purity, and a genuine concern for the physical and spiritual well-being of others;
  4. contributing to the fellowship of Christian community; serving others, encouraging mutual accountability, shouldering each other’s burdens, and giving time, effort and abilities to deepen the shared life of discipleship to Jesus Christ;
  5. embracing as a personal vocation the mission and values of the community and Order while in Cornerstone; contributing to its ministry, maintaining its principles, submitting to its leadership and participating appropriately in the decision-making processes of the local and national communities.