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Cornerstone community is a network of intentional communities in towns and suburbs across south-eastern Australia. Our communities are formed by people responding to Jesus’ call to ‘follow me’, and exploring authentic spirituality in all of life.

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Apr 8, 2016
The symmetry of beauty has been on my mind, especially the way it happens in the symmetry of sacrifice. As an expression of deep love, God shouldered a cross in order to create the universe—in turn—as an expression of deep … Continue rea…
Jan 13, 2016
‘A God Delusion’ is what Richard Dawkins should have titled his book, which (in a dead giveaway of his rather pompous approach) he called ‘The God Delusion’. I haven’t finished reading it yet but every page so far is reinforc…
Nov 14, 2015
A birthday invitation to my aunt’s 80th has been lying around on my desk for a while now. I’m sure it’s here somewhere. I push a hand underneath the pile and tip it all upside down. There it is! A … Continue reading → Continu…
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